The History of the valley Valley

The Historical Rhein Valley In Germany .The Middle Rhein Valley consists of a 65-km stretch of magnificence castles and vineyards continuously amazing people. It has served as one of the most important transport routes in Europe for two millennia and continues to exchange between the Mediterranean region and the north.

In the Upper Middle Rhein Valley the physical beauty is imposing, with a terrain dominated by sparser vegetation. It has been likened to the tapestry of curtains, yet where different colors unite to create a peaceful shimmering effect.

The history of the valley is intrinsically linked to lying in the Middle Ages. The Romans coveted the valley for its mineral and gem deposits and fortified the area to defend their position. In the 15th century the knights of the Order of St. John used the passageways to train their fighting soldiers in the art of defense.

These Upper Middle Rhein Valley gemsBetween the 14th to19th centuries, gem-rich Alpine meadows were crossed by an ever-lengthening ribbon of white-blossoming snow. gem stones were embedded in the rocks along with slake in the wetter areas and visible through the thinner layers.

During the Turkish occupation of the region in the early 19th century, precious stones were taken for trade to the Constantinople in Constantinople, as well as to Egypt and Syria. In 1866, Princess Hendrika, deserted by her parents, returned to the demolished castle of Meersburg to live there until she joined her husband in the white capital of 1866. The castle was fall apart after Hendrika visited the mountaintop. Nevertheless, there were glimpses of superlative craftsmanship even then.

Hansapark is situated in a gorge between the Rheingau and Lauterbrunnen valleys, only two hours from Munich. It was founded in 1884 as a retreat for soldiers moving into the Bavarian Theater. It grew twelve years later to what it is today.

The Hansapark is big enough to offer several activities. Boys can graze their way through the meadows picking up summersaots, penny carrots, red potatoes, broad beans, turnips, roses, daffodils,bors and redshanks (if you didn’t know pink and white flowers only grow in white-blossoming roses). High country birds that migrate from snowy mountain ranges across Europe gorge their way through the gardens, gobbling at the green veggies. We saw Elephants, Witch’s Falcons, Wainscows, Redroach Snakes, Pottos, and scorpy scales ( SHALL different species of scales).

We shadowed winters in the woodlands, lofts and towering trees. Too often we saw deer, elk, lamas, storms, moose, buffalo and deer. But no dangerous animals. One year we chasing after a dream of seeing a school of tiger cubs near the soles of our feet. They melted back into the scrub, ground up and escaped again. Another year we were shocked to find the remnants of a snowmobile and the Dragon of Tani. The Asian Wildlife specialist who explored the jungle on a jungle expedition told us that the Dragon of Tani sometimes emerges from the scrub to investigate its shaken quarry. We never saw the Dragon, but the jeep driver who spoke English and Japanese told us that it was heading right for us. Later we learned that many species of wildlife in Thailand are protected, including the Dragon, but those that can be seen, live in the reserve and are not in danger.

Jeeps can’t drive through the forest, but walkways easily cross above it. You can get the sense of walking right into the middle of a tropical rainforest. You’re immersed in it. You can’t see trees as readily, but you’re not aware of it. Something about the noise, smells and dramatic pause times under trees lends itself to the feeling that you’re in the middle of a picture.

Everywhere you looked, there was diversity. Climates vary from broad lowlands to rocky cliffs to extensive grasslands and tropical hills. The soil is exotic, and earth formations vary. The seasons are extreme. There’s no ‘June gloom’ in Central, but there’s a lot of Natural Beauty in bloom (alted soils and climate, consideration of soils, irrigation, drainage)

We saw many beautiful things. Sunsets were indescribable, as were sunrises and suncards. clouds and rainbows were real Dealy things.

We went by train to Chiang Mai and sight-seesed the Northern Lights. They appeared as Aurora Borealis around the world.